Monday, February 15, 2016

15-Feb-2016 23:54

The GOP's humiliating sales pitch: Why the establishment is getting steamrolled by Donald Trump - Salon ::

How Obama went from coal's top cheerleader to its No. 1 enemy - Grist ::

Where Did The Idea Of Obamacare Come From? A Defense Of The Heritage Foundation - Forbes ::

Why the Congressional Black Caucus endorsement of Hillary Clinton is a really big deal - Washington Post ::

Hey Republicans -- Don't screw this up - Fox News ::

Obama's foreign-policy hell: The 1980s just won't stop calling - New York Post ::

McConnell throws down the gauntlet: No Scalia replacement under Obama - Politico ::

Christie: Obama 'Hug' Never Happened - TIME ::

Romney and Obama agree: don't let Stein debate - Green Party US (press release) ::

David Brooks — who just declared 'I'll miss Barack Obama' — seems to be going through something - Washington Post ::

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