Saturday, February 13, 2016

14-Feb-2016 00:07

Anderson: Mick Jagger, Mitt Romney and birthday wishes - The Salem News ::

Obama's Foreign Policy Rebuked – by His Own Intel Chiefs - American Thinker ::

For Zion's Sake: Israeli politicians – don't pick horses in 2016 - Jerusalem Post Israel News ::

Highlights of the latest Clinton emails - CNN International ::

Obama's foreign-policy hell: The 1980s just won't stop calling - New York Post ::

Christie: Obama 'Hug' Never Happened - TIME ::

Romney and Obama agree: don't let Stein debate - Green Party US (press release) ::

Bill O'Reilly: African-Americans Voted For Obama "Because Of His Skin Color" - Media Matters for America (blog) ::

David Brooks — who just declared 'I'll miss Barack Obama' — seems to be going through something - Washington Post ::

WH Spox Earnest Reacts to Trump's Fox Debate Boycott: Obama 'Never Backed Out of a Debate' - Breitbart News ::

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