Saturday, February 6, 2016

06-Feb-2016 22:20

Obama slams GOP's 'doom and despair' on economy - Politico ::

Fuel Prices, Faulty Logic and False Indignation: Conservatives Gone Wild - Huffington Post ::

OPINION: Debunking the Lesser-of-Two-Evils Voting Theory - IVN News ::

Mitt Romney Defends Ted Cruz, Obama Against Birther Claims - Huffington Post ::

Mitt Romney: Ted Cruz Is A 'Natural Born' Citizen, Obama Too' - Breitbart News ::

Will Mitt Romney Endorse Before New Hampshire Primary? - Breitbart News ::

Populists See Rubio Surge As Imminent Threat To Their Cause - Daily Caller ::

Rubio braces for attacks in debate as Trump returns to stage - News & Observer ::

Jeb's Last Stand - The Weekly Standard (blog) ::

Romney and Obama Agree: Court Should Toss Debate Case - The National Law Journal (registration) ::

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