Friday, February 5, 2016

05-Feb-2016 19:54

For Candidates In NH, It Helps To Be From A Neighboring State - WBUR ::

Cruz: Media, Establishment's 'Chosen One' Rubio Is Unelectable Like Dole, McCain, Romney - Breitbart News ::

Christie: 'I Didn't Hug' Obama - Daily Caller ::

Obama does victory lap around GOP on jobs numbers - Politico ::

Mitt Romney Defends Ted Cruz, Obama Against Birther Claims - Huffington Post ::

Mitt Romney: Ted Cruz Is A 'Natural Born' Citizen, Obama Too' - Breitbart News ::

Christie: Obama 'Hug' Never Happened - TIME ::

The most Republican counties in every state - ::

The Night Chris Christie Killed the Romney Campaign - National Review Online ::

Romney and Obama Agree: Court Should Toss Debate Case - The National Law Journal (registration) ::

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