Wednesday, February 3, 2016

04-Feb-2016 01:12

Mitt Romney Defends Ted Cruz, Obama Against Birther Claims - Huffington Post ::

Hillary Clinton Wants To Turn Trump Into Romney. That's Not Going To Work. - Forbes ::

There is one small way that Trump vs. Cruz is like Romney vs. Obama in 2012: it'll test the power of nerds. - New Republic ::

Republican Leaders Visit Obama, But Two Sides Don't Get Much Closer - ::

Why Obama's Army Isn't Defeating Russia, China, ISIS - U.S. News & World Report ::

Obama guidance, press schedule Feb. 3, 2016. Baltimore mosque visit - Chicago Sun-Times ::

According to this NYT editorial, somebody owes Romney an apology (again) - Twitchy ::

New Hampshire Flooded By $100 Million in Political Ads - Bloomberg ::

America's worst political forecaster says Ted Cruz likely will win the White House - Stockton Record (blog) ::

Romney and Obama Agree: Court Should Toss Debate Case - The National Law Journal (registration) ::

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